Things you should consider.

  1. Why?
  2. Choice of the sire?
  3. Do I have time to raise a litter?
  4. Is your bitch in good health?
  5. Has she had sufficient health screen relevant to her breed?
  6. Where would I raise the puppies?
  7. Can I offer enough help and advice relent to the breed to new owners?
  8. Do I have room to keep puppies on if i can’t find good homes for all of them? How do I know if it’s the right home for the puppy?
  9. These are only a few of many questions you need to ask yourself.

The reproductive cycle of a bitch comes in four stages.

  1. Pro-oestrus
  2. Oestrus
  3. Met-oestrus
  4. An-oestrus

The pro-oestrus stage is normally noticed when the bitch starts spotting blood from the vagina. This indicates they are preparing to ovulate. This stage normally last between eight and ten days; however this can fluctuate, lets remember there not machines!

The oestrus stage is when your bitch should be ready to stand for mating; this cycle begins when bleeding normally stops. This lasts for about eight days and your bitch will ovulate and realise eggs.

The met- oestrus stage is when your bitches vagina, ovaries and womb slowly shrink back to their normal size and this can take up to three weeks.

The an-oestrus cycle is the longest stage; this is the time between heat seasons, however this will differ from bitch to bitch. Most bitches come in season every six to nine months but this can also vary between different breeds of dog.

The mating.

You should have a potential Sire in mind and should contact his owner prior to your bitch coming in season. This will give you time to discuss arrangements and match up the pedigrees to prevent close inbreeding.

Your bitch will normally stand ready for mating with her tail arched to one side ready for mating between day ten and fifteen. Most stud dog owner's try the mating at day twelve however some breeds stand earlier than others. Bitches normally stand at the first opportunity for a male within their own pack.

If mating is successful the two will ‘Tie’ this is where the bitch clamps herself to the bulb shaped parts of the dogs penis not allowing him to leave her vagina. This then doesn't allow any sperm to flow out of the bitch giving more chance of her becoming pregnant. The two will then normally go back to back, the Tie last about eighteen minutes on average but can be as long as one hour.

Sometimes the Tie is not preformed due to the dog pulling back far to quickly or due to the bitch moving. If the bitch was still entered and the dog released some sperm into the bitch she can still become pregnant without the Tie.

Most stud dog owners wouldn't insist on a stud fee until the puppies were born if a ‘Slip Mating" was preformed.

If the mating is successful with a tie, the stud fee is payable at this time. However the stud dog owner should allow you to go back forty-eight hours later for a repeat mating. Or may even offer to house the bitch for a few days.

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