There are now a wide range of DNA tests that are available for most breed of dogs, however only a limited few will be breed specific to your chosen breed.

When choosing a laboratory makes sure their results are recognised by the Kennel Club, this information can be found here.

Most tests will give you one of these three results:

Normal \ Clear The dog doesn’t have the gene for the tested disease and will never develop it.

Carrier The dog carries the gene for the tested disease but can never develop it.

Affected The dog has the affected gene, and has the chance of developing the tested disease. This is an important point, because your dog has tested affected for a disease it doesn’t mean symptoms or the diseases are present at this time. Some disease we test for do not take affect until the dog is much older.

Some affected dogs many never show signs of the tested disease but obviously it is a possibility.

If you are thinking of breeding the table below can help to choose a suitable match.

The only gene we are wanting to stay away from is the affected gene, it would be impossible to eradicate every dog that came back as a carrier or an affected as this would shrink most gene pools in most breeds.

20240529 DOG DNA

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