We are all wanting that perfect pet to walk but this does not come easy to some dogs or owners!

We can offer single lessons or group sessions, all are tailored to individual needs.

Some of the things people often need help with are:

  1. The dogs that pulls on the lead.
  2. The dog that goes too far on a walk and only comes back when he feels like it!
  3. The dog that does not want to be 'caught' (runs away)
  4. The dog that will not recall away from other dogs/people
  5. The dog that chases wildlife/farm animals or people

Each type of problem has different causes and needs a different approach.

In the case of chasing livestock or wildlife, we will need to train your dog in the presence of other animals and this will be in a controlled environment, this training can take place around our livestock, which include horses and sheep, We also have on site a rabbit pen containing rabbits, chickens and ducks.