Fallowfen Gundogs has residential training for new dogs but also provide refresher training for those dogs that have already been fully trained but have picked up a few bad habits or are starting to ignore the commands. These faults are best dealt with before the next shooting season starts.

Gundog training can seem an overwhelming task, but the secret is to break it down into small lessons, and only train when you are relaxed. We hope to encourage people to spend a little time concentrating on thinking about what they are trying to achieve, and help them find the resources to achieve their ambitions.

Gundog Training – where do you start?

If you are training a gundog with the intention of working it in the field there are a number of things you can do to make your experience easier and more enjoyable.

The first is  to attend our group or one to one lessons alongside others as this   has the advantage that you meet other people who have experienced the same sort of problems you may or have encountered. It is also a great opportunity to see how others cope with their sometimes wayward animals and it is good fun to mix with like-minded people.

Secondly  you can watch some video footage of some of the dogs we have trained, you may find watching them useful.

The most important decision is to decide  which sort of training you need, you can give us at Fallowfen a call and discuss your requirements and which direction would be best for you go in, I.e you may already have something in mind like going rough shooting, picking up, walked up shooting or beating, this can also depend  on what breed of dog you have!

Dogs do vary quite considerably in the rate at which they learn so the training may have to be altered to suit an individual dogs needs. Throughout the lessons there are three very important principles which must be kept in mind at all times, you must stay calm, give very clear instructions along with correction and praise. {‍chronoforms}Fallowfen{/chronoforms}