Gundog and Obedience Training

Trained to owners requirements. Over the years we have moulded our training and facilities to suit the needs of a shooting man’s dog. Whether it is a retriever on the peg by its masters side or a spaniel flushing in the beating line.

All our training is based on steadiness and patience with this we gain the trust and respect of your dog which helps us put the finishing touches to perfect your dog on the whistle through love NOT fear.

Training courses depend on the ability, age and experience of your dog.
We only take a limited number of dogs in for training at any one time to allow ample training time to spend on each individual dog.
Follow up lesson's, top up training, help and advice always available.

  1. GUNDOG TRAINING per dog £150 per week, the course lasts between 3 to 6 months.
  2. OBEDIENCE TRAINING - Two weeks £350, Four weeks £600.
  3. ONE 2 ONE TRAINING LESSONS - £30 per hour.

If you want to be successful when training your dog you have to remember four basic rules yourself:

- Develop an understanding of how your dog thinks.
- Don't blame the dog for lack of communication.
- Have patience and consistency.
- Reward good behaviour and reprimand bad behaviour.

Never train your dog when you are angry or in a bad mood as dogs are sensitive to your voice and body language so remember to think carefully about what you are about to ask your dog. Never raise your voice to your dog unless you are reprimanding him/her.

Dogs do not understand our language and have to reply on tone of voice and body language although they can be trained to react to certain sounds at a certain volume. If you say "no Bess" with a gentle low volume it will not have the same meaning and "NO BESS" in a loud high volume.

We never advise you to use your dogs name during a reprimand, just the word "NO" in a very stern manner, as you never want you dog to associate his name with a negative experience always a positive one.

When you are giving your dog any commands stand up straight and give with authority and meaning, always remembering to reward good behaviour, you can do this either with their name saying "Good Girl Bess" and a pat on the head.

Dogs need consistency in their training schedule and lots of patience from their handler. You must keep practicing the command until the dog reacts correctly without hesitation, although you must be repetitive don't let your dog get bored, remember there are many ways to get the same result.