We were made aware today that one of the puppies we bred, Fallowfen Coral Rose, has become a finalist for The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award.

The puppy was chosen by Glyn and Amanda Cunliffe to become a companion dog for their daughter Olivia who has Cerebral palsy.

We know first hand the companionship a dog can give to a child with special needs. Our daughter Lillie mae who also has special needs wouldn’t of fulfilled the life she has if it wasn’t for her 4 legged friends

When you watch Olivia and Ruby’s story it is clear to see that there is such a big connection between the pair.

Dogs can do amazing things but lets remember companionship is something we all need in this very strange world we live in no matter who you are!

I think Glyn, Amanda and Oliva have done an amazing job of rearing Ruby to play such a special part of there lives.